Katalin Cziranku is a highly recognised and internationally experienced Colon Health Specialist and Detox Expert. Katalin focuses her healing work in intestinal cleansing and detoxification through a fundamental understanding of why the colon’s health is of core importance to good overall health and vitality.

Katalin understands the nature of nutritional, emotional, and structural imbalances within the body which may affect a variety of digestive disorders including IBS, Candida, Parasitic infections and Colitis.  She provides effective advice on self-care procedures and uses a holistic approach drawn from a variety of other complementary therapies including, but not limited to systematic kinesiology, naturopathic iridology and energetic and bio-resonance medicine to aid detoxification and to stimulate the immune system.

Her unique healing method of Bowel-Reshaping is highly sought after.

As reported by Hannah Betts in The Sunday Telegraph: “The best colonic hydrotherapy” – “Katalin’s approach is a different beast entirely: the beginning of a healing process rather than a superficial purge.” 

Katalin’s caring and nurturing personality will quickly put you at ease and her healing work transforms your treatment experience to that of a profoundly refreshing therapeutic healing. With in excess of 15 years of clinical experience she has helped in the region of over 12,000 people to regain their health and vitality by restoring the health of their colon. Her clients experience an increased joy of overall wellbeing whilst feeling younger with a flatter stomach.

Passionately dedicated to her work, Katalin is a key health educator and thought leader within her field. She has spoken on radio, at medical conferences and been featured in The Times, The Sunday Telegraph, Grazia, Tatler and Men’s Health, to name but a few.

Appointments: Monday to Saturday (mornings)
Initial Consultation and Treatment 60 minutes Member £108
Non-Member £120
Initial Consultation 90minutes Member £135
Non-Member £150
Follow up 60minutes Member £108
Non-Member £120
Follow up 90minutes Member £135
Non-Member £150
Course of 3, 60 min £345 (5% saving)
Course of 6, 60 min £650 (10% saving)
Course of 3, 90 min £430 (5% saving)
Course of 6, 90 min £810 (10% saving)



Kara Mia



Kara Mia is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Homeopath and a dynamic and inspirational educator in the field of colon health. She understands the fundamental importance of gut health in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and offers a unique treatment based on her extensive experience and training, combined with an intuitive sense of the needs of her clients.

Kara Mia is passionate about helping individuals find their true vitality. During any treatment, she discusses various aspects of diet and nutrition, detox and any other aspect of health and healing. Her treatment is an educational experience as she talks each client through the importance of colonic irrigation and various aspects of healthy living.

“Over the past 8 years I have performed thousands of colonics, and no two are every exactly alike. Each client is unique in what they bring to the treatment that day and how their body responds. As a Naturopath, I am passionate about helping others find their true vitality.”

“People ask me why colonic irrigation is important, and I bring to their attention that the human body has not changed for well over 100,000 years. Essentially we were never designed to eat three meals a day and the quality of the fiber in today’s food is woefully lacking. Whilst I do not believe that we can hold on to years worth of material, consequently our digestive systems are over-loaded and therefore put under additional stress. I believe that removing excess material and negative bacteria has a positive effect on many organ systems including the liver, immune, skin and brain function. I am happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding the treatment.”

Herbal infusions and coffee enemas are provided at no extra cost where applicable.

More information about Kara Mia can be found on her website at

Appointments: Tuesday to Friday (afternoons)
Initial Consultation and Treatment 60 minutes Member £99
Non-Member £110
Follow up 60minutes Member £99
Non-Member £110
Follow up 90minutes Member £135
Non-Member £150
Course of 3, 60 min £315 (5% saving)
Course of 6, 60 min £595 (10% saving)
Course of 3, 90 min £430 (5% saving)
Course of 6, 90 min £810 (10% saving)
Detox Cupping 30minutes Member £45
Non-Member £50
Detox Cupping 60minutes Member £90
Non-Member £100
Detox Cupping 30minutes Member £36
Non-Member £40


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