The Grace gym has been designed to deliver the very best results for women’s health, fitness and wellbeing. Our knowledgeable, passionate and friendly team provide training that is specifically designed for women to be inspiring, enjoyable, and uniquely personal. It is based on total movement and body functionality that will give you results, confidence, and a true sense of health and wellbeing.

We understand the importance of life balance and our integrated training is truly adaptable to your needs. We will not only get you fit for the gym but fit for life. You can combine personal training with a choice of over 90 weekly complimentary classes, ranging from Pilates to Circuits and everything in between. Whatever your goal – weight loss, posture, sports training or just a healthier lifestyle – we’ll take you there.

Nutrition is also a key focus. As we always say, ‘If you are what you eat, this is where you should be’. Our Trainers and Grace Nutritionists work to create bespoke nutritional programs that work in tandem with exercise and your lifestyle to create the perfect result.