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Arrange a complimentary tour and join us in the Club for a juice and discover how Grace can enhance your wellbeing.

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Zone Face Lift with Ziggie Bergman

Experience sculpting and restorative benefits after just one treatment. ‘Unlike any other facial…the effects were immediate’ – Sunday Express

Each treatment is bespoke, producing a deeply restorative experience through a combination of facial reflexology, quartz healing crystals, Japanese facelift massage, Native American visualisations, and Gua Sha with an insightful reading of reflex points with tailored holistic beauty and lifestyle advice.

60 mins – £165/£183.33
90 mins – £210/

Principal Associate Yumiko:
60 mins – £145/£161.11
90 mins – £185/£205.56


 The Zone Face Lift Programme

“A contender for London’s best facial treatment, afterwards my eyes were brighter, my cheekbones sharper, my brow less furrowed.” – Beauty Editor, Sarah Vine

The ultimate programme to lift face and spirit. Working over 12 weeks the Zone Face Lift Programme  strips away the years; deprogramming facial muscles, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, stimulating  collagen and elastin from the inside and releasing emotions which reflect in the face. Each treatment is different combining facial reflexology which also helps balance the body and reduce stress, Native American healing, Japanese Face Lift Massage and specialist tools to speed up the lymphatic drainage and clients also learn a one minute sequence to use daily at home to maintain the results.

Complete course of 12 sessions:
60min  x12 – £1,750
90min x12 – £ 2,205

Principal Associate Yumiko:
60min  x12 – £1,500
90min x12 – £ 1,980


Zone Face Lift Spirit Cleansing Experience

Launching this September

The first of its kind, this two and a half hour treatment will take you on the ultimate spirit cleansing journey ‘unlike any other’. Incorporating Native American healing herbs smudging, advanced facelift techniques and specialist tools, with face, hands and feet treatments for a transformative experience. It is both face and spirit lifting; nourishing the skin with the velvety ZFL Facial Elixir and Mask, however this option has a more shamanic feel to it, with an intention set allowing for a much deeper healing experience for mind, body and soul.

Exclusively offered by Ziggie, this is an intense, restorative experience.

150 min – £500/£555.56


Facial Reflexology (Bergman Method)

For stress, migraine, teeth grinding and sinus conditions.
Facial Reflexology is similar to acupuncture – but without needles. The theory is that points on the face correspond to different organs in the body and stimulating these gently helps to balance the mind and body and reduce stress. This award winning Bergman Method Facial Reflexology treatment can help to reduce symptoms of common ailments, including migraines, bruxism, sinus problems, stress, insomnia, IBS, joint pain and depression. The lovely side effect of having reflexology on the face is that it leaves you with a healthy glow.

60 min – £145

Principal Associate Yumiko:
60 min – £130/£144.44


  • Ziggie Bergman

    Ziggie Bergman


    ‘Spiritual facial treatment, unlike any other…the effects were immediate’

    Sunday Express Editor, Margaret Hussey.


    With reviews in Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, Telegraph, Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan, Ziggie Bergman is considered a world expert in her field. She is the 2017 winner of the Association of Reflexologists Award for Excellence and Innovation in modern Facial Reflexology, for creating her own method and developing the anti-ageing Zone Face Lift, which naturally lifts the face and spirit.


    Ziggie’s treatments are inspired by many years’ practicing and intensively studying with Native American shamen and healers in New Mexico. She believes that ‘the face reflects what is going on inside’ and each treatment combines facial reflexology, Native American healing, facial cupping, quartz crystals, Japanese facelift massage, Gua Sha and more. Ziggie is passionate about promoting a kinder, gentler approach to beauty that gets results inside and out. Ziggie has taught with the London School of Reflexology for over 20 years.

    The Zone Face Lift TM Programme
    Facial Reflexology: The Bergman Method
    Spirit Cleansing Experience

    To book an appointment with Ziggie, please click here or contact spa reception on (0)20 7235 8900.

Natural Facelift with Mikiko Hayano

Mikiko has developed her own ‘natural facelift’ massage, using face lifting properties to help the face appear tighter, sharpen the nose line and add depth and tone to the facial profile. The treatment begins with a special herbal enzyme cleansing prescribed to suit the needs of your skin. Specialised NMB massage can alter the face line dramatically. It is an effective treatment for anyone who has or hasn’t had cosmetic surgery on the face.

75 mins – £300/£333.33


  • Mikiko Hayano

    Mikiko Hayano


    In addition to holding qualifications in health and beauty Mikiko is a qualified pharmacist, World Health Organisation trained and has worked with the Kitasato University Research centre on leading research projects. Grace is the exclusive home of Mikiko’s ‘Specialty Integrated Therapy’ which combines traditional techniques from Japan, China, India and the Orient with aromatherapy from the Western and is frequently described as a life changing treatment.

    Many years of research and a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology form the basis of this wholly original method created by Mikiko, aiming to bring about ultimate beauty by working to activate the body’s nerve system, muscles and brain simultaneously.

    ‘Monocle’ magazine rated her treatments so highly that a treatment session with Mikiko was included in the 2009, 50 Things to Improve Your Life list.

    Integrative Therapy
    Natural Facelift
    Bespoke Integrative Face and Body Therapy

    To book an appointment with Mikiko, please click here or contact spa reception on (0)20 7235 8900.

Uplifting Facial Massage with Makiko Imato

For an anti-ageing treatment that sculpts and transforms discover Makiko Iamto’s uplifting facial. It is non-invasive, safe and relaxing, effectively releasing tension from small facial muscles in the scalp, upper back, neck, shoulder and arms to sculpt and contour your décolleté, neck and face.

60 mins – £145/£161.11


  • Makiko Imato
    Makiko B&w

    Makiko Imato


    Makiko Imato, (M.Ost), is a qualified osteopath and massage therapist with extensive experience both in her native Japan and the UK.

    At the centre of her philosophy is the belief in “whole person” health and she has developed her own treatment methods combining Japanese massage techniques and osteopathy to encourage deep relaxation, along with the treatment of specific conditions. She has trained in both London and Tokyo with Mikiko Hayano, using the exclusive Mikiko Hayano method and when not working directly with Mikiko, she offers her own specialist treatments.

    Bespoke Functional Body Work
    Pregnancy Body Work
    Uplifting Facial Massage

    To book an appointment with Makiko, please click here or contact spa reception on (0)20 7235 8900.

Medifacials with Dr Rabia Malik

Dr Rabia Malik’s carefully developed treatments feature a customised exfoliant and peel to dissolve and clear blackheads, pigment, dead skin, decrease pore size, exfoliate, calm sensitivity and redness/vein issues.

Medifacial Express
30 mins: Members £175.50 – Non Members £195

Medifacial and Neck
75 mins: Members £350 – Non Members £315

Medifacial Skin Refresh
60 mins: Members £265.50 – Non Members £295


Dermaplaning Facial with Dr Rabia Malik

An effective method of exfoliation using a scalpel blade. Dead skin cells are removed from the epidermis, and this method helps eliminate unwanted velus hairs from the face.

60 mins: Members £225 – Non Members £250


Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion with Dr Rabia Malik

Intraceuticals oxygen infusions combine powerful anti-ageing ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants, with multiple weight hyaluronic acid to transform the look and feel of your skin, for the ultimate ‘celebrity’ glow.

The ultimate red-carpet treatment, the effects last for 72 hours and the treatment can be done either the day before or the day of an event.

60 mins – £250


Eye Revive Treatment with Dr Rabia Malik

A safe and effective superficial alpha hydroxy acid peel is applied around the delicate eye area, followed by a customised serum containing a mixture of antioxidants and peptides to address individual skin concerns.

30 mins: Members £176 – Non Members £195


    Rabia Headshot



    Dr Rabia Malik is a Cosmetic and General Practitioner specialising in skin rejuvenation and dermatology.

    She has turned her back on injectables, instead focusing on a holistic approach to achieve radiant and healthy skin. Specialising in non-invasive, non-surgical treatments, Dr Malik provides bespoke skincare with long-term results. Dr Rabia provides treatments that work with minimum downtime and maximum results.

    Sought after treatments include new generation chemical peels, Mesotherapy, Dermaroller, Combination Facial Treatments and Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusions to achieve flawless, healthy skin. Her treatments target a range of skin concerns including acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and much more. Allow Dr Rabia Malik to create your bespoke skin solution.

    Intraceutical Oxygen Infusion Facial
    Dermaplaning Facial
    Eye Revive Treatment
    Medical Grade Peels
    The Peel Boutique

    Please note that all Dr Rabia’s treatments start with initial 30 minutes consultation.

    Initial Consultation (30min)

    Members Only: £195

    Initial Consultation and Medifacial Express (60min) 

    Members Only: £295

    Initial Consultation and Visia Imaging (60min)

    Non-member: £295

    Review Consultation

    Member: £175.5 Non-member: £195

    Medifacial Skin Refresh

    Member: £265.50 Non-member: £295

    Medifacial Express

    Member: £175.5 Non-member: £195

    Eye Revive Treatment

    Member: £175.5 Non-member: £195


    Member: £450 Non-member: £500

    Mesopeel Lite 

    Member: £315 Non-member: £350


    Member: £900 Non-member: £1,000

    Bespoke Body Peels 

    Price upon consultation with Dr Malik

    Dermaplaning Facial

    Member: from £225 Non-member: from £250

    Intraceutical Oxygen Infusion Facial

    Member: £900 Non-member: £1,000


    Microneedling with Growth Factors (Face) 

    Member: £315 Non-member: £350

    Microneedling with Growth Factors (Face & Neck)

    Member: £531 Non-member: £590

    InMode Laser Treatments:

    Lumecca – Pigment face & neck 

    Member: £405 Non-member: £450

    Package of 6 Lumecca – Pigment face & neck

    Member: £1,094 Non-member: £1,215

    To book an appointment with Rabia, please click here or contact medical reception on (0)20 7235 8900.