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Arrange a complimentary tour and join us in the Club for a juice and discover how Grace can enhance your wellbeing.

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Grace Specialist Massage

Remodelage™ by Martine de Richeville

The Remodelage™ Martine de Richeville reshapes the silhouette and frees the body of toxins. In contrast to other weight-loss treatments, it works on deep skin layers and softens old fat deposits. It rejuvenates the body’s circulation and oxygenates the skin, liberating toxins and fat so they can be eliminated naturally. It is the only natural, non-invasive treatment that has proven its efficacy on older cellulite.

Martine de Richeville’s team share the conviction that body and soul work in symbiosis, offering a tailored approach, helping people achieve their highest potential and improving their self-image with natural and non-invasive techniques.

60 mins – £180


Facial Remodelage™ by Martine de Richeville

A rejuvenating and re-pulping treatment.

This innovative facial treatment captures all the key principles of the Remodelage Martine de Richeville®.

This treatment is fully manual, done with precision and power on the whole face (including the eyelids) and neck. It is a blend of stroking, palpating-rolling and lymphatic drainage. The face is visibly relieved; fragile skin regains its vitality and its ability to defend against environmental toxins.

When applied on a regular basis, the treatment naturally slows down skin aging and the development of existing wrinkles.

This treatment has been designed for both men and women.

Single treatment – £160
Course of 5 – £750
Course of 10 – £1,400


Bespoke Functional Bodywork with Makiko Imato

A stimulating body treatment that combines Osteopathic techniques and a variety of massage styles according to individual needs. By working on bones, muscles and connective tissue together, the treatment can enhance posture, restore your body to balance and give a deep sense of relaxation.

During pregnancy, a bespoke functional body pregnancy treatment can be created, working on the same principals but with a focus on easing pregnancy aches and pain, relaxing tense muscles due to postural change, improving circulation and mobility and preparing you for a healthy labor.

30 mins – £80/£88.89
60 mins – £145/£161.11
90 mins – £205/£227.78
120 mins – £260/£288.89


  • Makiko Imato
    Makiko B&w

    Makiko Imato


    Makiko Imato, (M.Ost), is a qualified osteopath and massage therapist with extensive experience both in her native Japan and the UK.

    At the centre of her philosophy is the belief in “whole person” health and she has developed her own treatment methods combining Japanese massage techniques and osteopathy to encourage deep relaxation, along with the treatment of specific conditions. She has trained in both London and Tokyo with Mikiko Hayano, using the exclusive Mikiko Hayano method and when not working directly with Mikiko, she offers her own specialist treatments.

    Bespoke Functional Body Work
    Pregnancy Body Work
    Uplifting Facial Massage

    To book an appointment with Makiko, please click here or contact spa reception on (0)20 7235 8900.

Four Handed Integrative Therapy with Mikiko Hayano

Mikiko’s extraordinary four-hand treatment is founded on the principals of both Oriental and Western culture. Mikiko uses an amazing amalgamation of different techniques and philosophies to assess every organ and muscle in the body. She has established her own special NMB (nerve, muscle, brain) method combining her philosophies of health. Mikiko will listen and guide you through the best treatment for you.

60 mins – £260/£288.89
90 mins – £390/£433.33
120 mins – £520/£577.78


Bespoke Integrative Face and Body Therapy with Mikiko Hayano

For those who would like to combine elements of both the natural facelift and the integrative therapy, Mikiko offers a bespoke option which allows clients to choose, in consultation with Mikiko, the elements of the therapy that will be most beneficial to them at that particular time. Enjoy a truly bespoke, integrated body experience.

60 mins – £260/£288.89
90 mins – £390/£433.33
120 mins – £520/£577.78


  • Mikiko Hayano

    Mikiko Hayano


    In addition to holding qualifications in health and beauty Mikiko is a qualified pharmacist, World Health Organisation trained and has worked with the Kitasato University Research centre on leading research projects. Grace is the exclusive home of Mikiko’s ‘Specialty Integrated Therapy’ which combines traditional techniques from Japan, China, India and the Orient with aromatherapy from the Western and is frequently described as a life changing treatment.

    Many years of research and a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology form the basis of this wholly original method created by Mikiko, aiming to bring about ultimate beauty by working to activate the body’s nerve system, muscles and brain simultaneously.

    ‘Monocle’ magazine rated her treatments so highly that a treatment session with Mikiko was included in the 2009, 50 Things to Improve Your Life list.

    Integrative Therapy
    Natural Facelift
    Bespoke Integrative Face and Body Therapy

    To book an appointment with Mikiko, please click here or contact spa reception on (0)20 7235 8900.

Distance Energy Healing with Monika Solińska

For clinical depression and anxiety

The entire healing process consists of four short treatments scheduled over four consecutive days.

During the time the client is required to sit still while the therapist is working at a distance with energy, encouraging the body’s own abilities to heal itself and correct problems.

Expected tiredness during the first three days of the treatment; it’s very important to listen to the body’s need to rest during the time of healing.

Four 30 min sessions – £350


Body Intuitive Deep Healing with Monika Solińska

Intuitively guided unique blend of different healing modalities delivers a truly powerful experience of wholeness. Beautifully heart-centred, it will give rise to physical and energetic realignment allowing for the conscious movement towards transpersonal change and a profound self healing on all levels. Tapping into your body’s inner wisdom and working with symbolism behind words and visions, the mind demystifies existing symptoms creating tangible results on both physical and emotional level. Awareness becomes the key to healing and conscious living.

30 mins – £80/£88.89
60 mins – £155/£172.22
90 mins – £215/£238.89
120 mins – £275/£305.56


Body Intuitive Signature, Pregnancy and Deep Tissue Massage with Monika Solińska

Signature Massage
This beautifully nurturing ritual uses very powerful blend of organic oils, specifically chosen sounds of nature and the power of healing crystals to create a curiously unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

Often prescribed by doctors at Grace, this in-house gem is an absolute must have.

Deep Tissue Massage
This powerful tailor made treatment is concentrating on specific parts of the body needing attention, working towards the whole body realignment. With fluid deep tissue work, strategic stretches and active organic ingredients in an exclusive oil blend, this vibrant session is performed to deeply regenerate the tired and achy muscles to restore body on a deep molecular level.

Pregnancy Massage
Carrying the magic of the signature massage this treatment uses the power of beautiful organic blend of oils to promote heart-to -heart bond between mother and child as well as creating the space for much needed nurturing over the pregnancy term.

60 mins – £145/£161.11
90 mins – £205/£227.78
120 mins – £250/£277.78


  • Monika Solińska

    Monika Solińska


    Monika’s 20 years of experience in therapy, wealth of knowledge and compassionate understanding of human nature makes the time spent in her hands an unforgettable experience.

    Her signature work is a curious amalgamation of bioenergy, acute psychosomatic intuition and unique ways of working with an ambiguous touch. Her heart-centered ways create beautifully nurturing rituals of self-awareness, opening up a powerful platform for self-healing.

    Her sessions will transport you to another level, with an introduction of deliciously blended organic oils, healing crystals and specifically chosen sound resonance; its high energetic frequency adds to the potency of the already powerful treatment.

    Whether your mind, body and spirit are looking for understanding or you simply need the best massage experience, Monika will nurture the body and calm the mind; bringing back to life the lost part of self.

    Body Intuitive Deep Healing
    Body Intuitive Signature, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy Massage
    Distance Energy Healing

    To book an appointment with Monika, please click here or contact spa reception on (0)20 7235 8900.