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Margy’s Monte Carlo – Brightness Revealing Mask


Is your complexion dull or is your skin just tired ? Let’s give it a boost! This Brightness Revealing mask will help your skin to breath better and give it a superb glow.

This radiance mask will help the skin to breathe better by improving cellular respiration. The Rosehip oil, Vitamins A and E, Hyaluronic Acid will work synergistacally against ageing of the skin and promote stronger elastin.

Active Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid – With an exceptional ability to penetrate the upper layers of the skin and encourage cell regeneration, it locks in moisture to promote elasticity, suppleness and a more youthful appearance.
  • Musk Rose –  Known for its benefits in treating acne due to its retinol content, musk rose also helps repair cells to combat the effects of ageing.
  • Lemon Extract –  Famous for its detoxifying effects, it brightens the complexion and leaves skin clean and radiant.
  • Echinacea Extract – Helps strengthen the immune system and very efficient in combating skin irritation.
  • Silicon Seaweed – Silanols help counterbalance the loss of silicon by restructuring the connective tissue to slow down the signs of ageing.
  • Sweet Almond Oil – A nourishing and softening oil. When used in massage, it reduces skin irritation and itchiness.
Price £140.00