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Gabriela Peacock – Clean Me 28 days

Comprehensive immune system support for your demanding modern lifestyle.

Regardless of how well you look after yourself, you are exposed every day to chemicals from alcohol, pollution, diet and cosmetics that can leave you looking tired and feeling depleted.
Your liver is designed to neutralise these impurities, but sometimes when the pressure is on and life becomes hectic, it needs a little love to keep you healthy.

How it works
Clean Me’s programme of micronutrients and natural ingredients is specially designed to keep your liver working at maximum efficiency, promoting an active and efficient immune system. The blend of powerful antioxidants and concentrated plant extracts is scientifically formulated to enhance the natural cleansing process of the body. Looking after your body in this way supports digestion function, helps to keep energy levels up and leave you with more radiant skin.

How to take
Take capsules with a drink, meal or snack. Mix the powder in 200ml of cold water or a drink of your choice, and stir to dissolve.

Clean Me is available in either a 14 or 28-day supply of individual daily doses, each consisting of 1 powder sachet and 1 sachet with your pills.
Combine with Boost Me, the protein and superfood shake to supercharge results.

Price £95.00