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Not a member?

Arrange a complimentary tour and join us in the Club for a juice and discover how Grace can enhance your wellbeing.

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Prolong your health and wellbeing



Below the Belt

Build strength and feel great with a new empowering class! Designed to boost metabolism, increase flexibility and strengthen legs, glutes and core, this addictive workout uses barbell resistance exercises to challenge your major muscle groups and deliver real results.

Fit 360º

Unlock your potential with an exciting new Grace training concept for total body fitness. Increase your strength, endurance, mobility, stability and shape by utilising landmine functional training, power bags and more – get ready to feel phenomenal!

Grace Blitz

A class designed for the female body. This class will challenge your body and push it to a new level of fitness. A motivational class incorporating functional strength & conditioning, body weight training and HIIT. Expect to increase your cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat, tone and strengthen muscles; reduce stress and GET YOU RESULTS!

Graceful Stretch

This class will help improve flexibility, mobility and strength. The class blends stretching movements with the graceful control of dance to tone, invigorate the body and release stress leaving you stronger, leaner and more flexible.

Mat Pilates

Pilates floor based exercises are performed with slow, controlled and precise movements. These exercises help strengthen the body’s core by developing pelvic and abdominal control, using focused breathing patterns. The main fitness goals of a mat Pilates program include improved flexibility, muscle tone, body balance, spinal support, low back health, posture, sports performance, and body-mind awareness.

Pose & Swan

Posé & Swan provides functional barre training, combining the best of Classical Ballet, Pilates, Gymnastics, Yoga and HIIT to help build a healthy, strong and flexible body. Flexibility and strength are key foundations of fitness and certified instructor Lemi will guide you through a series of inspired exercises that will challenge you to the core!

Raise the Barre

Fusing together traditional ballet drills to tone and lengthen the muscles, high intensity cardio to encourage maximum fat burning and mat based Pilates to tighten the core. Set to high energy beats, this is a barre class like no other.

Reformer Pilates

Using the principles made famous by Joseph Pilates himself, Reformer Pilates is performed on a spring loaded carriage bed.  Differently weighted springs change the resistance on a variety of movements and positions, which will challenge or support you throughout the class. These resistance based movements are perfect for all ability types, and will help you to move better, more efficiently and with reduced risk of injury. Transform your workout in this small group class utilising the Pilates Balanced Body Reformer. Numbers limited to just 3 or 6 per class ensures unrivalled attention and tuition that will develop your body awareness and control.

Run Club

There isn’t a system in the body which doesn’t benefit from running: your heart gets stronger, stamina and fitness improves, the mind clears and it’s a great component of a healthy fat loss plan.

For anyone new to running or returning after a long break, getting out there can be daunting. Gym Manager Duncan Vincent leads Grace Run Club, a fun, weekly training session designed to build confidence and make running a lifelong habit. We’ll provide comprehensive gait analysis, tailored advice and vital breathing and injury prevention techniques as we head to the Royal Parks for a refreshing workout.


An energised, fun packed class for athletic conditioning and weight loss. High intensity intervals are combined with movements designed to improve cardiac output, Vo2 max, body mobility, stability efficiency and metabolism.

Spin Pilates

A combination of Spin and Dynamic Reformer Pilates provides a workout that combines cardiovascular exercise with the body control, spinal mobility and core strengthening.


Jump boards give you a high-energy Pilates class. a great combo of dynamic and plyometric exercises performed with emphasis on balance and technique. Works the heart rate and the core muscles.


A high-energy boxing class that incorporates functional conditioning, and circuit training making it a highly effective way to exercise. This fun and motivational class is designed to help increase your cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat, tone and strengthen muscles, and reduce stress.

Target Spin

A new win to Spin at Grace! Target is a fun and interactive high intensity class during which your heart rate will be monitored by our new heart rate monitors. This class will boost your metabolism and reduce body fat, whilst strengthening and toning your muscles.


Zumba, a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout provides a large calorie burn – expect to burn calories with a smile during the class. Your posture will also improve, you’ll have better coordination as a result and most importantly you will feel great!


Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, Grace offers a variety of Yoga classes to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, challenge and focus. Choose from fast paced, fat burning Yoga beat and vinyasa flow or get headspace and restore balance and wellbeing with meditation sessions or chakra Yoga.

AP Yoga

Combining traditional and dynamic yoga with acrobatics expect to benefit from a wide range of physical and mental benefits. Designed to promote strengthening and stretching, this class also incorporates elements of healing arts.

Ashtanga Yoga

Create a vibrant and healthy body, mind and soul by synchronising the breath with a progressive series of postures. This class will make you feel alive, refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Chakra Yoga

Balancing social, family, work and life demands can be difficult and taking time to ground ourselves is essential. Our Chakra Yoga class provides opportunity to keep the energy centres of your body open and balanced. Release your potential for optimal health and functionality.

Hatha Yoga

There are many styles of Hatha Yoga. This class uses postures and stretches in combination with the breath to develop flexibility and relaxation. We utilise a range of postures and flow of movements, alongside props such as blocks or belts to assist a posture or maximise a stretch. All styles of Hatha Yoga encourage proper alignment of the body and bring balance, strength, and calmness to the practitioner. Our Hatha Yoga classes are based on the classic and ancient practices with attention to alignment and the deeper layers of yoga.

Power Yoga

Combining a mixture of styles,  Power Yoga is a series of dynamic postures designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. This class will mobilise, stabilise and revitalise.

Vinyasa Yoga

A beautiful class allowing you to intricately link the breath with movements to bring a balanced experience physically, mentally and spiritually. Sweaty, fast paced and connected, vinyasa links to together a dynamic series of movements and postures designed to challenge and strengthen the body.

Yoga Beat

A class that links physical, mental and spiritual practices together. The benefits to the body are extensive, increasing flexibility, lessening chronic pain, lowering blood pressure, reducing insomnia and clearing the mind to help alleviate stress.

Yoga Meditation

We breathe every minute of every day, often without paying attention to the way it supports and anchors us. At times our breath can mirror our transient emotions; but it can also act as the connection to our inner selves if we follow it deeply enough. This class will bring attention and mindfulness to the breath and encourage us to focus on existing in the moment.