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Fuel your Fitness

  It is important to consider nutrition and how it effects the body when you exercise, so that you are able to nourish your body effectively and eat for maximum performance. When you exercise aerobically for two hours or more, the main fuels of energy used are muscle glycogen, liver glycogen, intra-muscular fat and fat […]

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Deliciously Healthy Buckwheat Pancakes

                                      In the Grace kitchen we have a long standing love affair with pancakes; they’ve featured on our breakfast menu in some form or another for some time. As indulgent or nutritious as you choose; sweet or […]

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The Top 10 Health Non Negotiables

2017 saw the launch of an exciting new series of events at Grace. #GraceTalks brings together industry leaders to discuss pioneering scientific research and medical developments in a diverse array of topics, from the menopause to mental health.   At Grace we firmly believe in arming you with the essential tools for ageing well – […]

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Stress: An Ayurvedic Perspective

As stress continues to affect so many of us, Grace Practitioner Sonja Shah-Williams discusses an Ayurvedic approach to prevention and healing holistically… The concept of stress has become a major topic of discussion as it increases exponentially and manifests in behavioural, cognitive, emotional and physical symptoms. In medical terms, stress is a response to demand, physical […]

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A Mindful Approach to Health and Fitness with Terrence the Teacher

Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, Terrence the Teacher recognises the human mind, body and spirit’s extraordinary capacity for change and growth. Here he discusses mindfulness and the positive impact it can have on weight or fitness goals, with just a few simple techniques.   We are living in times where the mind/body connection is understood […]

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The Art of Meditation with Jillian Lavender

Co-Founder of London Meditation Centre Jillian Lavender introduces meditation, which she believes (and we tend to agree) is fundamental to staying energised, calm and well in the 21st century. Modern technology paired with social and professional demands can leave us stressed, anxious and mentally drained. Here, Jillian describes meditation as a tool for happiness.   […]

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Kick Start Your 2017 Intentions

Grace Nutritionist Jade Barkett provides Grace members with one to one advice and guidance, helping them break bad eating habits and understand how best to maintain a healthy dietary balance. Here she shares advice on setting goals for 2017 and most importantly – getting results.   The New Year is the perfect time to evaluate […]

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Getting Into Shape: The Magic Formula

(Hard Work + Adequate Recovery) x 365 days a year = Results. Danny Burke shares his top tips… Ok, so it’s not magic, but it is the truth. The majority of people neglect at least one of these factors when trying to change the way they look and feel. Let’s look in a bit more detail. […]

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The Second Brain: Keeping your Gut Healthy

Grace Belgravia Colonic Hydrotherapist Kara Mia understands the fundamental importance of gut health in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and approaches it in an all-encompassing way; assessing diet, stress, lifestyle and more. Here she introduces new ways of thinking about gut health… I feel very privileged to have cultivated a unique perspective on the gut and […]

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Staying Healthy During the Festive Season

Nutrition advice during the festive season, courtesy of expert Grace Nutritionist Gabriela Peacock.   The festive season is always a whirlwind of cocktail parties, meals out, rushing around and preparing for the big day. Although a very special time of year, there is often over-indulgence and burning the candle at both ends which doesn’t leave […]

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